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Yes, your suggestion works if I'm in charge of the caller as well. I'm not.

Problem is, if someone uses a utility script (let's say, hamster.lua) then all that script contains needs to be in one huge .lua file. The script has no way of telling where it 'lives' (think: lua build/whoshere/hamster.lua MyBuild.lua).

This is the reason for my nagging. :) Actually, I'm solving (rather, bypassing..) this in Lumikki by making a Makefile that binds the partial scripts together into .luc. But that's rather complicated, imho.

This is the full story. :)


8.9.2004 kello 17:26, Roberto Ierusalimschy kirjoitti:

 Here is a modified version of dofile for those who can't wait to play
with this feature:

Just a reminder: you don't need `dofile' to play:


-- Roberto