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I think the idea was to do it in X11 native. Since he's making an installer, the libraries available on the target machine cannot be trusted upon.

I'd use 'Xdialog', but that cannot be trusted either..


8.9.2004 kello 03:10, David Given kirjoitti:

 Daniel Quintela wrote:
Because I never built a GUI for the X platform without using wxWidgets or FLTK, I have a question for the experts: Is it possible to build a "user friendly", lightweight and nice X GUI (wizard style) in 500 lines ?


The bulk of the problem is designing the UI. The recommended way to do this is to use some sort of GUI painter; Glade is the one I use for GTK and Gnome, there's a similar one for Qt. Once you've done this, all your program has to do is to load the UI, initialise any components with dynamic content, attach callbacks to various trigger components, and go.

The only UI I've dealt with non-trivially is GTK, which is pretty straightforward to use and C based. I haven't used Qt, which is C++ based.

That said, if you're used to wxWidgets, stick with it --- there are GTK and Qt backends for it, and there's nothing like working in something you know.

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