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I was trying to use "MS Visual C++ Toolkit 2003" (and other free tools from MS) for building Lua 5.0.2. The main problem was trying to convince the tools to use extensions like ".o" or ".lib"... I failed.
I had to modify lightly the standard makefiles.
Also, I developed a couple of simple utilities to translate the command format from "cc" and "ar" to the "cl" and "lib".
Finally, the thing worked.

Is it possible to incorporate the makefile modifications to the standard Lua distribution ?

I am not a "make" specialist and I expect some "guru" to revise them, but I think they wont disturb building with gnu tools.

You can find the modified makefiles, a config file, the utility sources, and a text file with the procedure at: ( 9 Kb )

Comments and feedback are welcome.

Best regards,