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So is there a way to feed the '...' contents when executing another Lua file:

	dofile( "other.lua", 13, true, { "o my!" } )

	print( ... )

Current, old way was to feed the values into a global variable, which is.. bad.


3.9.2004 kello 21:06, Roberto Ierusalimschy kirjoitti:

 BTW: I had hoped that:

function foo(...)  print(unpack(arg), '\n') end
function foo(...)  print(..., '\n') end

Would behave differently, with the former printing only the first arg,
and the latter printing all arguments as if the arguments had
literally been expanded inline. That's not how it works, huh?

No. The `...' is equivalent to a function that returns multiple
arguments.  `...' and unpack(arg) are completely interchangeable.

-- Roberto