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It would be nice to put the handles in a special table, something like:
__lib, so that libraries could be unloaded manually or when the app closes.
The same thing applies with dlfcn, but using dlclose instead of FreeLibrary.
Leaving libraries open doesn't seem to be a good programming practice. 

Ignacio Castaño

--- David Burgess <> escribió: 
> Would it be possible to add a GC method to the Win32 code
> in loadlib.c for library handles?
> e,g,
> static int loadlib_gc(lua_State *L)
> {
>     HMODULE h = (HMODULE)(lua_unboxpointer(L,1));
>     if (h)  FreeLibrary(h);
>     return 0;
> }
> In practice this method only gets called when lua_close() is called.

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