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> What is a "bakefile"?
It is a project file (written in a subset of XML) for Bakefile
>From a bakefile you can easily create makefiles for a lot of compilers.

> I've been using a batch file to bclunky uild lua5,luasocket, and
> sqlite under lcc-win32. Lcc-win32 comes with a minimal make... do you
> think I'd be able to integrate into bake?
I have to say that I never heard of lcc-win32 before this mail :-)
And from what I see at it is a C
compiler only...
anyway, it's not supported by Bakefile and thus my bakefiles cannot be used
create makefiles for lcc-win32; you can contact bakefile authors to ask
lcc-win32 support;
anyway, there various free C++ compilers available on internet (like borland
c++ free command line tools, digital mars...).


> On Thu, 2 Sep 2004 16:28:46 +0200, fr_m <> wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >    I'm a win32 user of LUA and since I've found it invaluable tool, I've
> > created some few files which could be easily
> > added to the official distro to provide window users an extra-easy way
> > build all lua stuff with his preferred compiler
> > (mingw, borland, msvc makefiles, msvc project files, open
> >
> > I created a simple bakefile which can be used to regenerate all those
> > makefiles with a simple command.
> > The work was very very easy since the clean & ANSI-compliant code which
> > distinguish lua from other libraries...
> >
> > I think it would be fantastic to have those makefiles added to the
> > downloads... I attach to this mail an archive which, unzipped in the
> > folder of lua, creates a win32 folder containing a readme and all the
> > brand-new makefiles for LUA.
> >
> > I hope LUA authors are interested,
> > Francesco Montorsi
> >
> > PS: if someone finds it useful, I can slightly modify the files to allow
> > creation of a lua DLL...
> >