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Lua 5.1 (work1) is now available for testing at

The major change is incremental and *generational* garbage collection. It is
working and like before we need your feedback on this: does it avoid any GC
hiccups you have? does the new GC API fit your needs? Roberto will probably
post more details on what we need.

There are several other changes, many of which were discussed here. Roberto
will post details on exactly what has been changed.

One change that hasn't been discussed here is that we have moved most of
the configuration to include/luaconf.h. What remains in config is mostly
related to the build process, not to Lua's internal configuration. You now
have to read and edit both config and luaconf.h, but probably just config,
if you don't want to mess with Lua's internals. Detailed instructions are
still lacking in luaconf.h, but will be provided in the alpha version. One
advantage of this new scheme is that it'll be less probable to mistakenly
build incompatible pieces of Lua, such as a library that uses doubles with a
core that uses float.

There is no documentation yet. Not even a doc directory in the tarball. :-(

Enjoy. And please send in your feedback. Thanks.