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Now, that's fancy.. :)   Thanks, I'll give it a go.

Other ideas I've come to think of:

	local upfunc= {}

	local function f

	local function g
	upfunc.g= g

..but this is not at all so elegant.


1.9.2004 kello 16:02, Gabor Grothendieck kirjoitti:

If the objective here is to get rid of the declaration then the utility function Recall defined in the first line below would allow you to do it.
It calls the function n levels up on the stack so if f calls g and
g which calls Recall(2) then Recall(2) returns the function f.

Recall = function(n) return debug.getinfo((n or 1)+1,"f").func end
local g = function(x)
   if (x > 0) then return x + Recall(2)(x-1) else return 0 end end
local f = function(x)
   if (x > 0) then return x + g(x-1) else return 0 end end