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That's just the problem, no amount of coding will ever get me out of it if Lua throws a terminal error and refuses to run further. Unless I can do the sort of thing a Psion Organiser does, a 'trap' keyword to precede the attempt that might cause an error, allowing the immediately following code to override the default, I can see no way to do anything except spoonfeed it the file it's looking for, or watch it drop out in total shutdown. :)

Rob Kendrick <> wrote:
(01/09/2004 15:13)

>The Doctor wrote:
>> Please can someone tell me if Lua can tell if a file exists?
>> I've tried testing for for a valid return from, but if the file doesn't exist, Lua throws up a default error, never mind trying to run my own handling code...
>> The only fuction that I can find that even looks like it might help is io.type(), and that gets a nil even if the file does exist.
>Redefine the error handling function while you do the check, or use a 
>protected call?  Actually, has anybody implemented a try/catch/finally doobry 
>that'd make this kind of thing slightly nicer?
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