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here here

I'll second that.

Jonathan Jacobs wrote:

Jose Marin wrote:


I would like to know your oppinion on what's the
fastest way to load configuration files.


Hi Jose,

This is rather off-topic, but it's finally gotten to me.

I've noticed you never (or perhaps just very seldom?) post _new_ topics to the mailinglist. Generally your "new" topics are just replies to other topics with new subjects. Which may seem like a good idea at first, however most mail clients provide some way of sorting mailinglist mail by threads (ie. by topic). To me (maybe it is just me?) it seems rather rude to "break" these threads willingly, of course if _was_ ignorance then it is excusable...but now you know.

To post new topics one should send mail to:

Sorry, if I seem blunt, but it's a real nuisance for me.