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>| /l/bin/lua: posix.lua:7: ./ Undefined symbol "lua_touserdata"
> contains that symbol:

I assumed a Lua interpreter statically linked with liblua and exporting
the Lua API via -Wl,-E. I'm sorry the README isn't clear.

>the lua interpreter itself doesn't link to liblua, though:

That should mean that the interpreter is statically linked with liblua.
It should have worked, if you've used -Wl,-E or -rdynamic to build it.

>i cannot for the life of me understand the mechanics of this.

Sorry about that. The whole shared-object business is messy.

Anyway, try
	cc -o -shared lposix.o -llua -llualib
and see if it helps.

I'm sorry I cannot help you further, having no FreeBSD to play with.