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>> Overlapped IO would seem to be the way to go for socket IO.
>> There are many options for implementing Overlapped IO in
>> your event based model. IOCompletionPorts are my preferred
>> option. Variant behaviour exists across Win9x/NT/2000/XP/2003.
>Alternative: WSAEventSelect associates an Event with a Socket (indirect
>method to use sockets with WaitFor...).

>Windows has many ways to do the same thing, is not easy to choose the best

IO Completion ports and overlapped IO minimize the number of
handles/objects required. In the words of the MS documentation

"IOCP is the Windows NT Operating System support for writing a scalable, high throughput server using very simple threading and blocking code on overlapped I/O operations. Thus there can be a significant performance advantage of using overlapped socket I/O with Windows NT IOCPs. "

See Q181611

The one thing I have not tried is any of the MS async APIs with
UDP sockets. Has anyone else?