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John Belmonte wrote:
Do you have experience comparing p4 with cvs, subversion or others?
I've used all three extensively. Using CVS is as enjoyable as going to the dentist. Perforce has an excellent branching model and best performance, but is proprietary. Subversion has borrowed Perforce's branching model, and overall is very well designed. Support for easy repeated merges didn't make it into 1.0 however. There is definitely movement in the free software community towards Subversion.

I've never used SVN in anger. It still litters your working tree with .svn directories so in a way it's no better than CVS; but at least they have a leading dot and thus are hidden from the average user's ls usage.

There's also GNU Arch to consider if you're trying to choose a version control system. I am currently finding it very interesting and I hope to properly store a project in it in the near future.

Also, along the lines of Arch there is Monotone. Monotone has the interesting property that it includes Lua for scripting it and controlling and configuring it.


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