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On Fri, 25 Jun 2004 02:32:42 +0200, Mike Pall <> wrote:

> So now is the time to discuss this with the list. This is just a first
> draft of a spec. Any and all comments are welcome.


> The main features of the new Event API are:
> * A unified event model for various kinds of event types and event sources
>   (such as sockets or timers).

Your document mentions one other source, signals, and says the feature
is "...probably much wanted."  I want it.  :-)  I'm also hoping for
all manner of file descriptors.  I suppose you've already looked at
libevent (wrapped by LuaSys) and/or twisted (the python framework) for

Anyway, I'm very excited to learn of your plans.  I write IP traffic
applications at work and I'm keenly interested in scriptable state
machines.  The idea is to write Lua wrappers for existing code that
already implements capabilities such as parsing and logging while also
providing the flexibility of Lua scripting for the special behavior we
need to duplicate field conditions.  I'm looking forward to trying
your new API.

I hope gmail wraps these longs lines.  If not, I apologize.


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