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Hello all, 

I'm performing an experimental integration of lua into a telephony app
and have a 3 questions I hope someone with strong lua-fu can help me

1. lua_sethook and coroutines
As an ineffcient aid to let me see what's happening I've uses the C
lua_sethook to trace as every line goes thru the interpreter.
Unfortunately the fact I'm using coroutines seems to intefere with
it's behavior and I don't get messages within the coroutines. Do I
need to call set_hook at certain times (I'm currently only calling it
after the inital lua open).

2. co-routine return values. 
This is more of a sanity check, so I'll say how I think it works and
you can slap me down for my ignorance. If I coroutine.yield ( co ,
'fred ', 'jane' ) then
assert( coroutine.resume( co , 'otherargs] )) will return 'fred', 'jane'

3. nice variable dumper. 
When I'm stuck hacking perl, I'll often rely on Data::Dumper to let me
see what's going on. Is there an equivalent. I found serial.serialize,
but it relys on having a table and is for saving rather than giving
you full fn. defn's etc.

Thanks for your time.