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> >>OK, I have another proposal:
> >>I propose the ultimate flexibility: user defined syntax.
> > 
> > IMHO this is an excellent suggestion (though I personally think it should be
> > an add-on with a chunk-reader interface rather than part of the core).

One of major reasons I like Lua is simplicity, but other is loading speed,
which is also emphatized in the Lua book. I do not know the impact of this
flexitility features in this second issue. Reader interfaces over the core
may be a long term source of diversification in a not so wide programming

Personally, It suffices only "-- up to EOL" like comments, and for long
strings I suppose the lua authors will keep the original purposes of
simplicity and loading speed :)

Moreover, this discussion remembers me the following quotation from 
"The Evolution of an Extension Language: A History of Lua" in :

Everyone that works with programming languages knows how easy it is for 
people to start ``religious wars'' about the subject. An interesting 
characteristic of those wars is that, usually, the more mundane the 
subject, the hotter the discussion. For instance, people get much more 
excited discussing semicolons than discussing higher-order functions. 

Best regards,