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> 	Cool, LOMAC is exactly what I was getting into Lua for.  I'm
> designing the software for my simpit and am starting simple with just a
> basic digital output for altitude/airspeed etc.  Have you found it easy
> enough to get this information out?  What modifications were needed for the
> export.lua?  I assume it's possible to read the socket using Java.

It's easy enough to do.  The examples in export.lua are sufficent(sp) to
get you going.  Make sure you've got a settimeout(0) call before you do
any sending or receiving.  Without it, Lock On won't iterate the next
frame since it's hung up in the socket code.  It won't crash per se, it
just won't execute the next simulation frame - you can still quit out if
you need to.

You should join the list over at and we can continue the
discussion over there as it's a _lot_ more topical. :)