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> Hi, I'm new to the list and wondering if any of you primarily use Lua for
> flightsim/simpit interface.

I do.  I'm currently working with a simulator/air combat game called Lock
On: Modern Air Combat.  With the release of the 1.02 patch for the game,
they've (Eagle Dynamics, the develop) introduced the use of Lua for
accessing internal aircraft data.  The list of elements that are exported
right now is woefully inadequate, but I have high hopes that this will
improve over time. :)

I'm currently using Luasocket to interface to a TCP server tool written in
Delphi 7.

My personal project can be seen at

> PS apologies for the auto-text that the bank puts on the bottom of these
> mails.
That is quite the .sig, isn't it? :)