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I agree with your points and, personally, try to avoid metatables and whatever "sophisticated Lua" whenever possible. Just to keep things simple.

In fact, I would regard metatables, proxys, weak tables.. as an "advanced Lua" altogether, which the normal programmer, or non-programmer even less :) does not need to master.

The situation is quite the same as with C++, providing -on the one hand- mysterious ways of making classes, templates, blahblah and on the other - the nice ease of use if those are done right.

For any organization using Lua, I would regard 1-2 persons knowing it "insight out" to be enough. The number of people using it for basic programming (and being _very_ productive in it!) can be hundreds.


21.6.2004 kello 02:39, Vijay Aswadhati kirjoitti:

 <begin rambling>
I have seen "use the proxy table" answers on one too many occasions.

Before the flame war hungry folks jump in, let me state up front that
Lua is a great language, simple, extensible, what have you and I will
not blink my eyes should you throw some miracle at me that is possible
with Lua.

I am not sure about others (but I suspect there are a few who share my
sentiment), but in -=systems integrations=- (where scripting languages are playing a crucial role more and more) having to UNDERSTAND and implement the "proxy table design pattern" is a bummer [for the "menial" programmers]
because it stands in the way of a "speedy" solution - no matter how
trivial the implementation MAY be. This could easily suck away anywhere
from 2 - 8 hours of searching, having the "hmmm....aha" moment and finally
the implementation game.

The fact that this question has come up so many times would suggest that
there is a cause for reifying the design pattern into a primitive (i.e.
integrated into the core) - unless this causes excessive code bloat,
significant performance loss or the core becomes non portable.

It's not that I don't want to understand this pattern; I just do not
have the time and I do not want to create it for every project that
I work with that uses Lua.

</end rambling>

So the question is this: is it worth requesting this as a feature in

Vijay Aswadhati