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On Saturday 19 June 2004 10:40, Dan East wrote:
>   I am pretty new with Lua, but from what I've been able to tell, the
> LUA_TFUNCTION type represents both functions defined within Lua, as well
> as C Functions pushed in from the API side.  So it is ambiguous as to
> which type the variable actually has.
>   I have found that I can get a reference to either type by first
> calling lua_tocfunction.  If that returns NULL then the function has
> been defined within Lua, and I use lua_ref to get a reference to it.
>   To push it back on the stack, lua_pushcfunction is used (if
> lua_tocfunction returned a non-NULL value)

Don't do that. If the function is a C closure, you'll lose the upvalues.

>   I would think using references is the proper way to handle what you're
> trying to do.

Yes. For both Lua and C functions (although beware that this means you're 
doing reference counting, so it could lead to uncollectable reference 

-- Jamie Webb