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Personally, I think the [* *] method will work just fine. Reminicent
of Pascal (* *), only a little bit more in depth. Now, if there needs
to be another bracket: [*[  ]*] I think that's a little overboard.
Block comments (IMHO) should never need more than 2 characters to
type, and the same goes for single line comments. And the easier to
type the better.

Likewise, the ability to nest crazy comment information is
rediculously difficult to read:

[***[ this is [** some **] crazy ***] comment system ]***]

Where does the comment end? I currently like the system the way it is,
but that's just me, I guess...


Friday, June 18, 2004, 4:04:39 PM, you wrote:

JB> Michael Newberry wrote:
>> I am showing my ignorance. Why not? If you are going to the degree of
>> something like
>> --[****[
>> ]****]
>> then why can;t you just define two new words in the syntax, which are  [[[
>> and ]]] ?

JB> The goal is to be able to contain anything within a long string or
JB> comment.  In what you propose, how could "]]]" be included, for example?
JB>   To you your example, in 5.1, you can include "]****]" in a comment by
JB> using a different number of asteriks:

JB>    --[*****[
JB>      ]****]
JB>    ]*****]

JB> Furthermore, simply allowing an arbitrary number of brackets 
JB> ("[[[[...]]]]" , "[[[[[...]]]]]", etc.) does not solve the problem
JB> because, as Roberto said, you cannot quote something that itself starts
JB> and ends with a bracket.

JB> -John

Best regards,