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Good points indeed!

In a perfect world, one could just require "remdebug" in the remote
application and use the debugger locally through an IDE or command line.

The RemDebug server could implement the reflexive Debug interface through a
TCP connection and could be used with a host like Xavante to debug CGILua
scripts for example. It would also have to offer some API to communicate
with the remote application and be notified of program starts/stops/etc.

Andre Carregal

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Subject: RE: Debugger support (Re: Slashdot article)

> Another option would be using LuaXMLRPC/SOAP and Xavante. In
> fact this is our initial plan for the Kepler remote debugger.

 My initial impression is that it is more complex than needed, but I need to
look closer at it.  Also it seems to me that the debugger server and client
would be best implemented in C for performance and to keep the debugger from
stepping into itself.