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What's the license on luarc?


on 6/17/04 9:06 AM, Adam D. Moss at wrote:

> Adam D. Moss wrote:
>>> As an example,
>>> the mark/sweep pass in Amped 1 took over 60 milliseconds.  Given the
>>> number
>>> of tables/strings/collectable data generated per frame, luarc would
>>> take a
>>> fraction of a millisecond.
>>> luarc is available at
>> I do think that more people should try luarc.  IMO it needs
>> more generous testing in peoples' projects. :)
> Oh, just as an addendum, it's very easy to try out luarc in
> your project if you're using Lua 5 -- it's a fairly straight
> drop-in replacement for Lua 5 (unlike, for example, LuaPlus).
> So give it a whirl! :)
> --Adam