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> Either way, the more the merrier.  While I'm hopeful the 5.1
> incremental collector will work, the current stress tests I've run
> with it don't hold a candle to the speed and ease of use of luarc.

That sounds strange. A quick run on heapsort or ack (from the shootout)
shows Lua 5.1 faster than luarc.  (Of course, those tests are unreal
because they generate no garbage, but a test that spend all its time
generating and collecting garbage is unreal, too. It was easy to create
a test where Lua 5.1 ran in 1/3 the time of luarc, as it is easy to
create tests where luarc runs much faster than Lua 5.1.) Anyway, it
seems that Lua 5.1 at least can "hold a candle" to the speed of luarc.

About "easy of use", what is difficult in 5.1 incremental? (Or, what
is simpler to use in luarc, apart that we have to break cycles
by explicitly calling the GC?)

-- Roberto