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	Unfortunately I currently have Lua4.1 in my project.  My game has
656 lua script files that take a total of 3Megs in text format.  So that's a
lot of script.  If I was already runing Lua 5 I wouldn't hesitate changing
to 5.1 to test out the GC differences.  Like I said before I`m relatively
new to Lua so I'm a bit unsure of what changes would be required to my game
for a port to Lua 5/5.1.  

	The Lua 4.1 version that is in my game is fairly free of custom
modifications... I guess the main work required would be to change our Tag
methods to methatables and then make sure nothing crashes and everything
works. The last part is what I'm afraid of :)  Discounting any custom
modifications, what's a ball park of time needed to port from Lua 4 to 5 (
including any modification to scripts )?

-- Roberto Wrote
> Why are you hesitant with option B? There are very few incompatibilities
> between 5.0 and 5.1; it should be easy to try your game with Lua 5.1.
> (Even if you have to change anything, you can change it in a way that do
> not need to be changed back if you return to 5.0.)