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> 	The game I`m working on has a very high table/node 
> count.  I'm talking around 10 000 hash tables and 120 000 
> Nodes.  This takes a relatively long time to traverse and 
> causes the frame rate to drop significantly when when doing a 
> gc cylce ( it takes around 33ms to do the complete gc ).

luarc, a reference counted version of Lua 5.02, is pretty efficient.  The
mark/sweep collector still has to run for cyclic tables, but for everything
else, it's better than any other solution I've played with.  As an example,
the mark/sweep pass in Amped 1 took over 60 milliseconds.  Given the number
of tables/strings/collectable data generated per frame, luarc would take a
fraction of a millisecond.

luarc is available at