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For me, this seems like the right approach (having separate host & client). Embedded world will love it, no doubt. :) Btw, LuaPlus already sports this approach, but the client is bound to be VisualC++/Windows based.

Could you use luaSocket for the communication? Many/most gadgets actually using Lua might be having TCP/IP connection as well, at least for the debugging phase.

What we need is a standard here. :)

14.6.2004 kello 18:31, Tom Spilman kirjoitti:

I've been working on a Lua debugger on and off and have been thinking about issue. The debugger GUI itself uses Lua-RPC to communicate with the target lua code so it can be anywhere. The question for me was how to get the RPC
server running in the debugging target.

I'm thinking of providing multiple options by supplying code that can be linked in, pre-compiled C libraries, and a dynamic C library that can be connected via LoadLib. I suspect that one of these three methods would work
for just about any situation.


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At 22:17 13/06/2004, Asko Kauppi wrote:

Having proper debugger support (not only API, but a _real_ debugger)
would have gained +10 points.

Imho, this is currently a very high priority lack for Lua newcomers.
People just are used to proper tools, and -face it- when was
the last
time you wrote print('something') in a script just to see..?  ;)

Erm, I use 'print' (or equivalent) in my Perl, PHP and Lua
programs. Having a 'real debugger' is all well and good, but
you've got to get it into the same environment as your real
script is used.

So, in Perl, PHP, most of the time I use these in web pages,
so I'd somehow have to get Apache to call my debugger and not
fall over whilst I'm stepping through the code..

With Lua, I'd have to, probably, compile the debugger into my
application and have a GUI for it to step through code.

A 'real debugger' is fine for a standalone script, but much
less usable for a script called from within another program,
be it Apache (and
mod_perl/mod_php) or my application calling Lua.

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