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Well, both Perl and Tcl/Tk can be built for Windows CE when the cygwin frameworks (unix layer for windows) are installed on the build machine. So you should be able to build lua for WinCE.

see the tcl on windows ce wiki entry for some clues on how to do it.


Asko Kauppi wrote:

Would anyone out there care to help port LuaX (the industrial Lua distro) to WinCE/PocketPC platform?

I'm using Embedded VC++ 4.0 and the remaining issues are with Unix-like file access etc. (see below) that don't seem to be there in WinCE. Under regular Win32, these functions do exist.

After this port, you could do (graphical) Lua applications on Win32/Linux/OSX/NetBSD/WinCE and run them on any other platform! :)