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Am Thu, 10 Jun 2004 11:53:22 -0500 schrieb Virgil Smith:

> Andreas, here is a partial reply.
> 1. Search the Wiki for "Simple" and "Binding" for some simple
> tools/samples
> for "transferring" a C++ object into Lua.
> ...

Thanks for your answer it helped me a lot. But I've again a question to
this topic. I'm a little confused which Tool/API I should use for this.
There are tolua, toluapp, luabind and the way "SimplerCppBinding
example" showed. I installed luabind and it looked good, but only the
any_converter example worked. For example the glut sample:

glut_bind: /usr/include/luabind/detail/class_registry.hpp:87: void
luabind::detail::class_registry::add_class(const std::type_info*,
luabind::detail::class_rep*): Assertion `(m_classes.find(info) ==
m_classes.end()) && "you are trying to register a class twice"' failed.

And also the boost dependency and beta state makes me insecure. So, what
do you propose?