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> 	I think this is another problem.  I was saying that with the
> Virtual Environment you can do that.  In fact, we are doing this all
> the time with CGILua: each new request has its own environment which
> inherits the globals from the original environment.

Tell me which possibility is your case, or point me to the magic I
didn't understand.

1) The socket namespace is shared between scripts.
   Problem: Unsafe. If one script changes it, the others will be affected.

2) Each script gets a cloned copy of the socket namespace.
   Problem: Doesn't work. The functions in the cloned namespace will
   ignore any change made to it, (PORT and PROXY, for instance).

3) Each script gets a fresh constructed copy of the namespace.
   Problem: It's safe and it works, but might be too slow.

Best regards,