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I've currently an C++ application in which I plan to embed LUA. I've two
threads, one recieves data from network with 25 fps and the other is
currently a _very_ primitive shell to change values. Here is the code:

    fgets (parser_string, 1024, stdin);

    commands = sscanf(parser_string, "%s %s %s %s",
               parser_key, parser_value, parser_value2, parser_value3);

    if (init)

      cmutex.Lock ();
      switch (commands)
      case -1:
      case 1: // commands with one keyword
        if (!strcmp (parser_key, "quit"))
          quit = true;
        if (!strcmp (parser_key, "stop"))
          for (int i = 0; i < (int)
		robotlist.GetRobotNumber(popt->team); i++)          
            if (!robotlist.GetRobot (popt->team, i, robot))
              cout << "couldn't register robot " << i << endl;
            br1 = brc1->getRobotByID (robot.ID);
            br1->setAction (BenderRobot::ACTION_STOP);
     case 2: // commands with two keywords

I played with some tutorials with LUA and I like the language. What I
need is a LUA shell that has everytime I pressed <Return> in the shell a
copy (or Reference; is this possible) of brc1 and can change the values
like you see it above (and give it back).

Another reason I like to embed LUA is because I want to give users the
ability to write LUA scripts which are executed every frame, give data
to LUA, do some "things" and give them back to C++. Is LUA fast enough
to so this (25fps)? It's not much data, only 5-10 objects with some
x/y/z/angle data. Perhaps LUA has the ability to precompile scripts or
cache them if they're used very often?