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Salvador Espana wrote:

It can be useful, in many cases, to have multiple pseudo-random generator
objects which can be used, saved and restored independently. We have made
a bind of c++ MersenneTwister pseudo-random generator to Lua for our work.
I would like to have the wrapper for the MT function. I've been wanting to do one myself, but I'm fairly new to lua. Although I am not sure why c++ is needed when the MT is a C function and a random number "object" can easily be done in pure lua. Still, no big deal :) I just avoid c++ when I can.

not to annoy anyone, but ruby and python both use the Mersenne Twister as their default, preferred random number generator. Tcl has it available as an extension. The MT really is becoming the standard replacement for C std lib's rand() (which is slow and known to repeat itself). so IMO the MT function (it's really quite small) should be considered for addition to lua's standard math lib.

The code is available here:

Its only shortcoming is that the authors say it is not secure for cryptography (in which case you'd want to use openssl's random number functions anyway).

anyways, in the mean time, can you post the code for your wrapper to the Web or send if the attachment is small? Thanks.