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As far as I know:

Multiple DLL usage within the same process goes to same DLL instance. Needs as many frees as there have been loads.

Other processes will see their own instance (code pages etc. shared of course), unless the DLL uses inter-process data sharing. dllproc/base/freelibrary.asp dllproc/base/process_and_thread_functions.asp

What's the real usage/need scenario for the unloadlib? Server apps or something (plugin stuff) is the only place where I could see it being really needed.

6.6.2004 kello 01:06, Edgar Toernig kirjoitti:

PS: Btw, what happens under Windows when an application tries to load a dll multiple times? Is it allowed? How many FreeLibrary-calls are needed?
    Does each instance gets its own data/bss segment?