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Nice to see people using AVR & Lua together.  I like them both. :)

I did a proof-of-concept compilation with avr-gcc a while back, and the code fits. Memory consumption is most likely to be the problem?


ps. There was a (I think Canadian?) project, fitting these together. I couldn't find it on the net now.. :(

4.6.2004 kello 12:47, Harald Kipp kirjoitti:


we developed a tiny Open Source RTOS with TCP stack
for the ATmega128 uC and I recently investigated the
possibility to use Lua scripts for configuring the
hardware dependent parts of the system.

This "configurator" runs on the PC and uses wxWidgets
for the GUI to support most common platforms. Not yet
finished, but Lua was indeed the right choice. I'm now
making up my mind, wether Lua would make a good
scripting language for the target itself.

Has anybody tried to run Lua on an AVR uC or any
similar 8-bit system? Is there any port already
available? Any Open Source would be great as long
as it fits to the BSD- or Lua-style licence.

I'm sorry, if this had been answered recently, but
I tried hard to find a reference.

Many thanks,

Harald Kipp