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Although Knuth gives this reference for "Brent's
variation" (in Sorting and Searching) it is not so
relevant for Lua's implementation, I think.  But
ltable.c is an excellent reference!  ;-)

About the special string hash table: Lua uses a string
object (TString) to represent strings and maps equal C
strings to the *same* TString.  To do this it uses the
special string hash table with ordinary C strings
(i.e. const char* + length) as keys and TString* as
values.  The "usual" hash table can not be used
because a C string is not a Lua type that can occur as
a key (or value) in such a table.

Testing two TStrings for equality now takes just a
simple pointer comparison and not a full memcmp call. 
This is a huge gain because strings are very common as
table keys (almost all identifiers in a Lua program
end up as keys in a table.)


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