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On Sun, 2004-04-25 at 10:37, Asko Kauppi wrote:
> It's no secret that MS actually uses Lua, but now they're trying to 
> steal the name as well..
> "..when building desktop applications, make them LUA (Logical Unit 
> Application programming interface) compliant." (
> Anything we can do about it?

If they are using the term 'LUA' or 'L.U.A.' then there's nothing really
that can be done since 'Lua' is clearly not an acronym. Namespace
pollution is just something which has to be "put up with" in the
software community.

Unless TecGraf happen to have trademarks and fancy going head-to-head
with Microsoft of course[1].


[1] Note: I do not recommend this course of action :-(

Daniel Silverstone <>