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Here 2 devices, which one could control via USB: (USB / I2C) (USB / parallel)

Then the remaining question is how to access USB devices via LUA.

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Von: [] Im Auftrag von Kluge Goetz (MP M AE)
Gesendet: Freitag, 23. April 2004 14:06
Betreff: Controlling hardware with lua (via USB interface)?

I need bidirectional access (unfortunately under Windows) to a port of a PC in order to control 2 pins. This is for emulating an I2C-interface.

As the parallel interface has no long term future, I would like to use USB. Here are these alternatives:
(1) Direct bitbanging (violating the USB spec),
(2) Driving via USB an IC which does USB/parallel-IO conversion,
(3) Driving via USB an IC which does USB/I2C conversion.

Any hints on how to do that with Lua under Windows?