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Terry Bayne wrote:


I am trying to utilize the LuaSQL package (found at from a Borland C++ Builder Project.  Running on Win2k.  I have LUA 5.0.2 compiled and working fine.  I am trying to statically link the LuaSQL package's odbc driver.

Where I run into a problem is during the linking phase, I get a slew of unresolved externals, to include:


It is obvious that I am missing a library of some kind during the link, but I have no clue as to WHAT library.  Any ideas anyone?
You need to link in the ODBC libs, I couldn't tell you what they're called in Borland but under VC++ they're ODBC32.LIB and ODBCCP32.LIB. Probably something similar with Borland.

Scott Morgan