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QT and C++ offer a extremely robust and rapid development environment. If you 
haven't tried it out then you really must before you discount it.

If you want to build GUI apps quickly, QT is the way to go. you also get the 
bonus of your app working on OSX and linux (well at least the GUI parts).

They have their own script system, but I haven't tried it. A QT Lua binding 
would be very cool.

On Thursday 08 April 2004 3:49 am, Brian Hook wrote:
> > but is very complicated. At present this issue is holding back the
> > entire porting effort of our project, so no tklua port either.
> Any suggestions for something else (even non-Lua) for fast development
> of a GUI application that works on Windows?  I'm trying everything
> possible to avoid tcl/tk, but at least it works and is a known
> quantity.  I'm uncomfortable with IUP -- I dislike the number of
> dependencies it incurs (tecmake, CD, etc.) and the user community
> seems very small, so I worry about robustness.
> Brian