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Am Sam, den 28.02.2004 schrieb Mark Stroetzel Glasberg um 23:57:
> > cons:
> > - library not available to debian
> You mean, not compiled to debian? Other from that, it should work fine.

Ok. I downloaded and extracted the source. make complains i have no csh
installed (no, I will not install it only for iup) -> changed to sh

make in src produces:

gcc -c   -I../include -Imylua4 -I. -Imot -I/usr/X11R6/include
idialogs.o idialogs.c
<command line>:15:1: no macro name given in #define directive
make: *** [idialogs.o] Error 1

Ok i uncommented the defines

Now its complaining that it cannot fine Xm/whatever.h - Don't know what
Xm could be - to many errors, bailing out :-)

That's why i like pre-built debian packages !

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