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Will this Lua reference card be available to others when it's finished, either commerically or ???  I could always use more Lua doc :-)

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From: "Enrico Colombini" <>
To: "Lua list" <>
Sent: Thursday, February 26, 2004 7:16 PM
Subject: Reference doubts

> I am working on a Lua reference card (much more work than I thought...) and 
> I'd like a few clarifications w/rt the reference manual + the Book:
> 1) Metatables are described as part of the language core, but getmetatable() 
> and setmetatable() are part of the basic library. What can one do with 
> metatables without the basic library? Use them from the C side only?
> 2) The reference guide lists xpcall() as having 2 args only; does it accept 
> user's args after those, like pcall(), I presume?
> 3) Is the "byte counter" quoted for collectgarbage() the same as the "dynamic 
> memory that Lua is using" returned by gcinfo()?
> 4) gcinfo() and collectgarbage() memory amounts are expressed in "Kbytes". For 
> the sake of SI-correctness :-) must they be interpreted as kB (1000 bytes) or 
> as KiB (1024 bytes)?
>   Enrico