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>I don't have my notes from when I did something similar for lua 4,
>but I *think* lua 5 requires even fewer libc functions to get the
>base runtime up and going.

Yes, the core of Lua 5.0 now needs very few libc functions and only simple
ones at that (except for number/string conversion and perhaps setjmp/longjmp).
In particular, the core does not use stdio (which has been transfered to
lauxlib, not part of the core). This should make it even easier to use Lua
in small systems that don't have a full ANSI C library.

>For an embedded language, not only does
>it lua continue to be tiny and easy to hook up, but it requires almost
>no library support to make it go.  

This of course is in line with our design goals: small and easy to embed.