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David wrote:
Eero wrote:

If you have a C compiler working on windows, then compiling Lua5 should take you about 5 minutes.

Any C compiler, or just VC?

I only have VC++ and gcc installed so I can only comment on those.
VC++ took 2 minutes to set up, just tried and gcc was faster...

Lua5beta compiling on Windows with gcc installed:

open MS-DOS window
use cd command to go into correct directory, then type
gcc -o lua5.exe -I include src/*.c src/lua/*.c src/lib/*.c

So I cannot say anything about the Borland compiler, but I claim that
compiling Lua can be trivial even on Windows. Btw my gcc is 3.2 from
the cygwin package, which has pretty nice "install form network" setup.

Of course now that I think about it, it is only trivial to compile
Lua because it is so small and simple that you can "Brute force"
compile it with the gcc *.c style. But of course that is one of the
nice things about Lua.

It can get much more challenging when you want to use Lua
with a mixed set of libraries, it took me some time before
I got my copy Lua + wxLua + wxWindows running...