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I think I have found a small bug in function auxresume in file lbaselib.c,
line 543:

static int auxresume (lua_State *L, lua_State *co, int narg) {
  int status;
  if (!lua_checkstack(co, narg))
    luaL_error(L, "too many arguments to resume");
  lua_xmove(L, co, narg);
  status = lua_resume(co, narg);
  if (status == 0) {
    int nres = lua_gettop(co);
    if (!lua_checkstack(L, narg))	/* <<< nres instead of narg? */
      luaL_error(L, "too many results to resume");
    lua_xmove(co, L, nres);  /* move yielded values */
    return nres;
  else {
    lua_xmove(co, L, 1);  /* move error message */
    return -1;  /* error flag */

If I understand it right the marked line checks the 
avaiable stackspace for the results, so it should be
 if (!lua_checkstack(L, nres))

Many thanks for developing Lua to the authors.