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I've been reading some messages in the mailing list archives, but I can't
determine if the following is possible. I'd like to load a (ultimately compiled)
Lua file from within another Lua file.

For example hello.lua contains a function called Hello(), which is available to
the C++ application. The first thing hello.lua does is load goodbye.lua using

goodbye.lua contains a function Goodbye().

So I'd like the application to call Hello() and Hello() then calls Goodbye().

>From my testing, I can't get this to work. If I load another script file from
with a Lua file, is this in the same "namespace" (I use the word namespace
liberally, as I'm not sure how Lua deals with namespaces yet).

Essentially I want the C++ application to load the top level script file (say
main.lua), which then loads/compiles any number of other script files. I want to
have the variables and functions in these other scripts available to all of the
other functions and variables that were also loaded. Is this possible, and am I
on the right track with using dofile within a script?