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My use of coroutines and debugger makes necessary to obtain the lua_State
associated to a coroutine. The first option is to create a thread by hand,
but since what I want to do is reproduce the behaviour of what is obtained
with coroutine.wrap(), I would need to duplicate several pieces of code
found in lbaselib.c because these are static.
Another solution, much more straightforward, would be that LUA had something
equivalent to lua_pushupvalues() in its API, but instead of reading the
upvalues of the current call frame, being able to get the upvalues of a
cclosure at a given stack index.

Because I am a good person, here it is :-)

LUA_API int lua_getupvalues (lua_State *L, int index) {
  Closure *func;
  int n, i;
  StkId t;
  t = luaA_index(L, index);
  api_check(L, iscfunction(t));
	func = clvalue(t);
  n = func->c.nupvalues;
  luaD_checkstack(L, n + LUA_MINSTACK);
  for (i=0; i<n; i++) {
    setobj2s(L->top, &func->c.upvalue[i]);
  return n;

maybe for 5.0 final ?

please please please :-)