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Hi Christof,
I assume you are using dllwrap to create the dynamic link libraries. If you
are exporting only a given set of symbols, then you are probably using the
'--no-export-all-symbols' option. By default dllwrap creates libraries that
mimic the dlfcn behaviour, that is all symbols are exported.

I usually do like you and only export the public symbols. However, I link
luac statically. It uses only a reduced part of the core, so its size is not
too big.

Ignacio Castaño

GMX wrote:
> Now, if I want luac.exe to use the same lua core in lua.dll as lua.exe
> I have to export luaU_endianness, luaF_newproto, luaS_newlstr,
> from lua.dll to overcome binding errors.
> That doesn't really matter, except it breaks the naming convention
> and lua_...
> for public symbols.
> Is there a way to avoid this and still use the same core ?
> Thanks
> /Christof
> BTW: I'm using the cygwin compiler, but this should be irrelevant ?

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