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> From: 
> [] On Behalf Of Joshua Jensen
> > I'm interested in this because I'll be writing a target 
> > debugger soon. I
> Anyone needing to see working remote debugging code with persistent
> client/server connections for Windows can look at my LuaPlus
> distribution at  A bug (fixed in my
> current build, but not uploaded) prevents dofile() from 
> registering the
> scripts with the server right now, but you can try it with single
> scripts by running:

Oooo that all looks pretty interesting. 

Do you happen to know if anyone has written an addin for Visual Studio
that allows you to use Lua, or Python, to manipulate VS COM objects so
you can write macro plugins in languages other than VB? People either
seem to write COM addins or write VB scripts, but if you exposed the VS
COM stuff I think you could use it with LuaCOM or PythonCOM?

What would be really nice would be a VS addin which combined Lua COM and
Tcl/Tk stuff so you could write macros with GUIs. Would anyone care to
speculate on the ease of this?