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I have just made the first public release of Aranha. Some of you will
already know this, but for the benefit of those who don't, here's some
blurby background...

About two years ago, I wrote an ISAPI content generator which was based
around Lua. I have been using that since then to drive many of my
websites, including the main site and main customer UI of an ISP I run

Many times, I have been asked for the source, and usually subsequently
asked if I will port the source to be able to run under Apache. Time and
again I have had to decline.

Now, after a long period of design and pondering, myself and one or two
others have begun the task of writing a new and improved equivalent of
my old ISAPI/Lua and we have called the project Aranha.

Aranha is part of a larger undertaking, but we are aiming to make
reasonably regular releases of just Aranha as we develop it.

You can see the Licencing information, copyright information and general
README for Aranha at which is a
simple holiding page for now, with one or two links.

Aranha is designed to run under Apache and Zeus (although any FastCGI
enabled webserver will be able to run it).

We are looking for more people willing to work on Aranha and improve it
for all concerned. We also need documenters and potentially someone to
draw us a nice logo.

I apologise for the long email, but I hope that, after two years, some
interest still remains in this potentially very powerful web development


Daniel Silverstone                     
Hostmaster, Webmaster, and Chief Code Wibbler          Digital-Scurf Unlimited
GPG Public key available from               KeyId: 20687895
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