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I get the following warnings in the compilation of 

print.c: In function `PrintCode':
print.c:116: warning: void format, Proto arg (arg 2)
print.c: In function `PrintHeader':
print.c:145: warning: void format, Proto arg (arg 8)

Can this warning be safely ignored and if so is there any way to stop this 
warning appearing?

Also I get:
../../lib/liblualib.a(liolib.o): In function `io_tmpname':
liolib.o(.text+0xbc4): the use of `tmpnam' is dangerous, better use `mkstemp'

I think this is connected to the security problems of the tmpnam function in 
file lua-5.0-alpha/src/lib/liolib.c, line 440. (
support/howto/secprog/secprog3.html#tmpf). It would be a very good idea to 
switch to mkstemp, or if this is non-standard, at least allow it as an 
compile-time option.

Steven Murdoch.